Made some good progress - the pieces were painted (with the back off), then the gloss finish applied.  The decals were then applied, back wall installed, and while the glue on the back wall dried I created the ceiling.

     Decals - yes, big deal.  I thought I'd hand paint the pinstripes until I started working with the tiny pieces and realized I simply don't have that kind of skill.  I went to the hobby store and rifled through the many boxes of left over decals they had until I found two that would suffice - they had brown lettering (that I could use for doors), yellow pin stripes (that I can use for the shuttle area) and even little dashed red boxes (which look a lot like wall terminals from a distance (over 1/4" away.. :) ) ).  Applying the decals was extremely difficult - they were incredibly small!  I think this is giving me good practice for the outside of the ship, and the 120+ decals I'll get to apply there.

     I also created a ceiling.  The idea came to me while I was figuring out where to put the yellow pinstripes.  I was using some of the brass mesh (which the platform came from) to mark the areas, and I just figured I could use that as a ceiling (since the LED can't just shine down on the whole thing, wouldn't look right).  I glued some onion skin paper to one side, and put some caulk (useful for everything!!!) to block the light, then inverted it and painted the "inside" black.

     In the pictures below, you see the back wall mounted, a hint of the yellow pinstripe in the left picture, and the doors on the right as well as the ceiling.






     As I continue to work on it, I've discovered there is absolutely no room whatsoever for a ceiling!  I'm going to use a Dremel tool to grind away the top of the back wall, then glue some onion skin paper over the top.  I intend to shine in light from an LED from behind.

     I have added the flat coat, and thus discovered that this stuff needs to be applied very thin - a great deal of thinner should be used, about 60%!  It looks alright, but let's just say I'm glad it's internal under dim light. ;)

     And with this, the shuttlebay is done!  I lightly attached the shuttle bay door so that when I paint I won't have to mask that area off.  When it's done, I'll remove the door.


     The pieces for the engineering section have been brought out and cleaned, ready for use.  The next step is preparing the forward saucer for installation.