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     Welcome to the home page for The Voyager Project!  This project started in July of 2001 after the Star Trek - Voyager TV series came to conclusion and I realized just how much I missed it.  I'd always enjoyed Voyager, and when the series ended I started desperately wanting the ship - specifically, USS Voyager, NCC-74656.  I started looking for toys to find there were none, and I soon found that in fact they had stopped making Voyager products three years prior!  The license had expired, and there were no such things on the market anymore.

     I searched EBay for a week, and came across an auction for a collector's edition model, on sale for the bargain price of $150 (!).

     What can I say - I wanted my ship, so I bought it.

     Then I realized what I had done - this model comes with plastic and decals, and basic instructions.. (Uh oh)  I didn't have a clue about modeling, the last model I built was with my father when I was twelve years old (a Visible V-8 engine)!  Doing research on the 'Net, I learned that I needed to learn more about shaping the plastic, glue, gap-filling putty and paint.  I had high expectations (I wanted it perfect) so that means I had to light it and therefore learn about how models are lit, too.

     Thus The Voyager Project began.  As I worked on the project I kept a web log with photographs showing my progress and outlining my education and progress day by day.  By the time the model had arrived in the mail I had purchased the basic materials and a lit Enteprise-D model to hack up and learn on (this Enterprise-D model came to be known as The Gimp).

     It took a year and a half of time and an additional $1000 in parts and materials before the model was completed.  I got it as perfect as I physically could without kitbashing (serious modification of the model components or crafting new components).

     Please peruse the links above to learn more about the Project, lessons learned, finished photographs, et al.  If you click on The Voyager Project logo above, you'll be taken to the original site as posted during the Project.



This site is graphically heavy - I tried to optimize the pictures for best results, but any 56bps modem users are going to cry - sorry.  MiniCD's of this site are available.

Other modelers, wondering what the big deal is?  I'm a systems administrator, not a modeler - this was a BIG DEAL to me!

I realize I've referenced a lot of other people's sites here - I have no intention of plagiarizing anybody else's information or efforts.  The places I've referenced I consider authoritative, excellent resources.  I would rather hyperlink to them by a picture originally on their site than take their data and not reference them at all - it's a common subject, but they've put more time into what I'm referencing so I may as well refer to them directly.

Don't talk to me about copyright notices - Voyager, Star Trek, UPN and all that good stuff - I'm not making a company or stealing "hits", I'm talking about my hobby / obsession / life.  Sic your lawyers on Microsoft, put 'em to good use and piss off.