While the flash in the middle makes this an imperfect shot, it does show the colors very well.  This picture is the closest to the actual color of the ship if you look at it personally.

     I really enjoy this angle because of the reflections..




     This shot shows the colors of the thrusters very well, as well as the phaser strip.

     This shot also shows the colors of the hull very accurately.



     One of my favorites...


     A very informative angle - here you can see the detail on the primary sensor array, secondary deflector dish and the flashing fore running light (though not lit at this point).

     The orange decal in front of the secondary deflector was shattered by the airbrush when I applied a light mist of the primary hull color to tone down the decals (11/26/02).  This picture confirms that I did an alright job reconstructing this irreplaceable decal.