The installation of the circuitry is harder then I thought it would be.  I'm not certain of the order things should be done in, but it's all so delicate I'm not sure if order matters.  I intend to:

  • connect all wires

  • test lights

  • test circuit / resistance values and adjust

  • install bay windows / decals

  • install window fibre

  • connect all fibres

  • install light for landing bay

  • work on deflector dish lighting and light leakage

  • final assembly

     It's sure a mess inside that ship, though.





     As it is (13:00) the port indicators on the saucer section aren't lighting.  It seems to be a problem with the LEDs, but I'm not certain what the deal is until I get a battery to replace the dead one in my multimeter.. :\    If this is the case then it's  just a pain in the ass, but if there's a problem with the fibre (don't think so), then I'm pretty much screwed - can't disassemble the saucer..