I've applied primer to the ship - I'm rapidly learning that there are a ton of details to pay attention to, but the primary things to pay attention to are:
  • Your skin is contaminated (sweat, oils, etc) - just assume biohazard containtment!
  • Airbrushing's complicated.  Thinning of different kinds of paint, nozzle type, air pressure, distance from model, etc.  It seems one just has to develop an instinct for it all over practice.

     Below are some pictures to show you what I've got.  I know that I'm not going to be able to just sit down and paint, not to mention the fact that coats take days to dry completely (I've learned that if you cut corners here, the paint cracks!  Just let it sit there and dry, don't get impatient).  Therefore, the model sits beneath the case (which has been propped up by almost one inch) between coats.

     I've been using suction cups and string to pick up the case.