I've been working on the painting scheme for the hull.  The production model (pictures of which can be found here, at The Federation Starship Database under Intrepid Class, Interesting Info) was painted in 'Deckhouse Blue', a color which is no longer manufactured after Testors bought out Floquil.  The instructions on the model recommend Light Ghost Grey and Dark Ghost Grey, but they don't contain blue, which is definitely present.  I've been messing with the right color combination for days (lacking 'Deckhouse Blue' proper to compare it with), and I think I have found it.



     If you look at the image above of the Enterprise D, you'll see a " T " - this is Duck Egg Blue, what the Enterprise D is supposed to look like (yuck, way too bright - I really don't mind beating up on that ship, I can't say I like it much).  I'll use this as my primary point of reference (the ship itself is sitting on the edge of my white sink, which is another reference point).  The basecoat is Light Ghost Grey with a touch of Duck Egg Blue.  I added a touch of Dunkeblau (deep sky blue in a bottle, kinda dark), and in various combinations that's what's on each side of the spine of the ship.  The spine itself has straight Light Ghost Grey and Dark Ghost Grey (bottom and above-middle, respectively).  The biggest patches to each side of the spine have a little too much Dunkeblau, but they're close.  So, you'll find my solution on each side of the " T ", with Light and Dark to either side (left and right, respectively).  The recipe for these is:

  • 1 bottle (1/2 oz) Light Dark Ghost Grey (or Dark for Dark hull color)
  • 6 drops Duck Egg Blue
  • a kiss (1 drop) of Dunkeblau
  • a tablespoon of airbrush thinner

(Running count - this recipe has been changed 5 times since originally posted)

     Mix the above in a 2 oz jar thoroughly - you have to make sure you scrape out all the color compound ("gunk") in the bottom of the Light Ghost Grey bottle, and get it all dissolved in there.

     My next step is to paint the hull of the Enterprise D, using the methods I intend to use for the Voyager so as to get some practice with the paneling / aztec patterning, then gloss coat, then learn about decals.