Discovered that putty in such thick amounts will dissolve the fibre completely, as opposed to lending it support.

     I tested this with the Enterprise D and it worked just fine.  The pile of putty used to lend support to the fibre was still gooey this morning, and the hull material had melted again.  I have reached the conclusion that any glue that doesn't dry immediately will allow the hull to absorb some chemical within it, and when that happens the two practically feed off of eachother depending upon quantity of adhesive substance available.

     This is, of course, after I had heated and polished the tip of this fibre. I almost cracked the hull trying to get the damn thing back out.  I shaved it down with an Exacto knife, picked at the other end with the dental picks and then used a toothpick to force it out of the hull.  1/16" of material was a bitch to push out - guess I attached it pretty well, 'eh?

     I'm going to skip the putty part, and use superglue and external heating.

     After I clean up this mess..