Finished installation of all the larger fibre cables for the flashing running lights, fore hull light and port / starboard indicators.  Without using putty for reinforcement it didn't take as long to place (super glue dries, well, immediately).  Using shrink tubing is extremely handy here, as I'm able to glue the lines to the inside of the hull so as to ensure minimal stress against the joint.  I've also learned how to insert the bent ends all the way into the hole then file them down and polish the ends after gluing.  That way they have a very low profile.

     I've figured the math for equal distribution of 25% of all the crew quarter lights, and have painted the appropriate ones on the upper saucer.  Painting those little windows is NOT something to do on caffienated tea!  Don't listen to Fresh Aire, though - I dropped my brush twice, I was so docile!  Could have fallen asleep...  I chose Matchbox Twenty instead (but then I have a thing for their music).

     I put two coats of paint over the windows, then went over the dried paint with dental tools and a doctor's magnifying scope.  I imagined I could get an extremely precise window pane, but the edge of the dental tool (needle sharp) is the size of the entire corner of these windows - such precision simply isn't going to happen.  I think the best I can do is use proper masking in the final painting of the ship.


     The next steps are to drill out these windows and put window-making glue over the paint and holes.  I'm thinking I will graphite the windows that aren't lit and put window cement over them too, so as to be consistant.  It's going to take a long while for those to dry, I doubt I'll get to re-drilling and placing fibre for a bit. 

     Here's the math for the windows:


Total number of Windows:

bridge - 6
saucer (upper)
     p- 45
     s- 45
saucer (lower)- 10
     p- 35
     s- 35

total: 424
lit percentile - 25%
total lit by percentile: 106
(total dark by percentile: 318)

Actual lit: 110 (with creative license)

bridge - 3 (ready room)
             3 (conference room)
saucer (upper)
     p- 12
     s- 9
saucer (lower)- 3
     p- 8
     s- 8