I have decaled the windows, coated them with clear (flat) laquer and masked them off, as well as drill out the crew quarter windows and the running lights.

     Unfortunately, when I mounted the fore flashing light, the fibre cable was too short by the time I ran it around the saucer so as not to interfere with the upper fibres.  I mounted the thing as cleanly and tightly as I knew how - removing it will be very unpleasant.


     Later, I've confirmed that removing that mistake would be difficult indeed.  I filed down the inside of the hull, made a micro-drill hole to seat the larger bit, then drilled out the remaining fibre.  When it came out, I was able to clean up the original hole, ready for another try.

     I'm out of large-diameter fibre, need to get some more.  In the mean time, I've installed the port and starboard fibres.