I was painting the primary hull color, and it was hitting the hull dark.  I figured that if I applied more, it would smooth out.

     I've since learned that over pressurization of the air source for the airbrush (and / or too much distance) would cause the paint to dry before it hits the model.  The results in what is essentially a stucco-pattern on my starship.

     I'm sick about this.


     To the left you'll find a picture of the starboard section on the bottom of the saucer.  Part of the "dust" has been sanded away to more clearly demonstrate the heaviness of the 'stucco' pattern, and what it should look like.  On the right is what I've completed so far on the bottom of the engineering section (landing bay).


     There have been many suggestions regarding how to handle this, from oven cleaner to paint thinners (which didn't strike me as a good idea considering all the fiber optics in the windows).  What I've opted for is taking a foam makeup triangle with fine sandpaper glued to it, and slowly sanding the texture smooth to the nearest square 1/8".

     With words of encouragement from my friends (and much appreciation for such), I'm back in the saddle and am working on smoothing this out.