Lighting the bay windows has gotten to be a pretty major, frustrating project.  As I said, I've been using the white LEDs and intended to position them such that they'd light the windows. 

     What I'm trying to do is this.  I first clipped the leads of the white LEDs I had and attached black and red electrical wire to each lead (putting some shrink-wrap tubing around one of the poles to avoid a short).   I then used some of the sprue plastic to make stands, then used a candle to heat them up enough to bend and make a little "L", into which I glued the LEDs.  Sand down the bottom of the post, attach it to the hull.  Connect the wires, move on - sounds pretty simple.


  Well in fact, it isn't.  My primary frustration is with the glues - there isn't anything I have that provides an instant bond, or even close.  This requires that I apply a pretty fair amount of force for about a solid minute, and it's a really fragile environment in there (I can't allow anything to catch on the window fibres whatsoever).  The electrical wires, while thin, are of sufficient gauge to cause a problem with placement.

     I'm trying super glue, the model cement and the plastic fuser, and no matter what the connection is  still gooey over a minute later.  I have to prop it up by super gluing the wires to strategic places on the hull, and go back and push down on the post every so often until it's solid.


     This is just way more complicated than it should be.