I went to the local hobby store today, and found they had a truck drive through the front door a couple days ago!  Fortunately nobody was hurt but I don't think that entrance will ever be the same, having been removed from the building in its entirety.  My sympathies to all in the store that afternoon, it had to be a shitty day.

     I went there to get more sandpaper, and found a used airbrush that I could get for $35!  Needless to say, I took them up on the deal.  It's a vast improvement.


     I took a picture of the old box instead of the airbrush itself because it was crapped out with old paint, and I didn't think it would be fair.   Don't let anybody tell you that the quality of airbrushes doesn't matter, that they're all the same, because they aren't.  This is only a step above the one that I had, but it makes an enormous difference.  It's all metal with exception of the handle itself, which is heavy plastic as opposed to the light floopy plastic the other was made of.


     I'm looking forward to using this new one, I'm certain that I can expect better results (and won't have to sand anything down again!).

     By the way, for the record : 

Testors sucks.

     Badger makes better air and better airbrushes.