I've begun working on the warp drive section.  This is not what the instructions would have me do (they'd rather have me assemble the engineering section first, then the warp section), I'm doing this because all the wires are going to connect in the middle (main engineering, humorously enough), so it needs to be assembled last.  I'll probably put together one half of that section while I wire everything up, then put on the other half to finish the project.

     As it is, this is going to be a very complicated step.  I intend to work section by section, from the outside in:

  • starboard warp nacelle
  • starboard warp strut
  • port  warp nacelle
  • port warp strut
  • center (shuttle bay)

     That way all the wires from the nacelles and struts can meet in the middle.  When that section's completed, there will be a boatload of wires sticking out the back just like the saucer section, and these will all converge in Main Engineering.