First, the photo album:

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  I now can see I missed a phaser strip!!


     As I write this and review the above pictures, the last picture confirms that I missed a phaser strip!  Sometimes, a guy just runs out of bad words..  I'm happy as hell that I kept the unused phaser paint in another jar - being custom paint I could  never get it to match otherwise!

     I've worked on the paint for seven hours, and have accomplished a great deal.  I've mixed up the paint phases a bit, saving phase 5 (primary and secondary deflector) for last.

* - Sand : The torpedo tubes and parts of the spine were painted in sand.  This sucked because the paint was particularly hard to work with as it showed the brush strokes.  I airbrushed what I could (down to 1/4" parts), and just winged the rest.  Hopefully the torpedo tubes are passible!  :/

* - Torpedo tubes : These are supposed to have a red center, but I thought that was a bit odd as the weapons aren't charged when in standard running.  I opted to paint them a darker color instead, showing them powered down.

* - Shuttle Bay : This was a huge deal.  If you examine the photo at left you can see base color of the the landing strip and that part of the hull match.  I dug out the decal that will be applied, and breathed a sigh of wonder how I was ever going to get them to match.   I mixed Sand, Braunviolett, Dunkeblau, Light Grey, Afrika Dunkelgrou, and Red.  The lighting for the picture at right isn't perfect, but Goddess Mother keep me, the color is!  You can see the result in picture 3, above, as well as all the detailing.


Above photo of shuttle bay courtesy of Ex Astris Scientia


* - Impulse Engines : This was also extremely tricky.  If you examine photo number 9 you'll see light dots in the "U" that is the topside of the impulse engine.  Those are, in fact, perfect round dots of Sand paint.  I got them by dipping the flat head of a pin ( ! ) into the Sand paint, and then using both hands and resting on the table, slowly lowering it into position until it touched, then slowly lifting it back up.

     In photos 3 and 10 above you will find the vanes at the tail end of the impulse engines.  The inside of these vanes is painted Afrika Dunkelgrou (off brown).  I then went over the outside of the vanes with the secondary hull color.  If you look very closely you can see it's an off color, but it takes close examination.


     The next steps are 1- paint the last phaser strip ( UI@(*#&(!! ), and 2- paint and install the primary and secondary deflectors.  Then it's gloss lacquer and decaling!