I've installed the various electronics into the nacelles - took five hours, but it's complete.


     I bent the fibres and polished them just like I did for the saucer section, they buffed up just fine, and the little LEDs light them up like colored flashlights.  The wiring in there is pretty tight, you can get more detail from the image below (though a bit out of focus).


     As you can see above, the wiring's pretty tight.  I used a cone of onion skin paper to diffuse the red LEDs, that worked quite well.  I'm not sure how I'll do the same for the blue LEDs, though, as I'd rather put a kind of wall of paper between the blue array and the warp coil plastic and that's looking pretty complicated.

     The next steps are cleaning up the nacelles and placing the red painted plastic, painting the blue warp coils and the paper to diffuse the blue array, then final assembly (which looks like it's going to be a trick!).