I've installed the bay windows in the engineering section.  It's been very tricky because of all the wires (haven't run the fibre yet, that's last).  I chose to do it in this order so that the decals wouldn't be damaged, scraped or otherwise touched by messing with the wires.  The fibres are more fragile than the decals on the bay windows, so they're last.

     I'm also figuring out how many of the crew quarters windows I want to light.  Based on the count done on 7/28/01, the engineering section has the following numbers:

number of windows - 148 (74 / side)

     148 * .25 = 37 lit windows

     37 / 2 = 18.5 windows lit per side


     So, I'll do 18 on one side and 19 on another.  These small fibres are going to be very tedious to place, for I need to run them after the windows and wiring is in place so it's going to be a bulldog and tweezers affair. :)