This section contains information about coding, Integrated Development Environments / IDE's, code samples or whole programs I've written, most of which have to do with security and privacy (others serve as coding examples). All programs here are considered open source and can be (re)used any way you want, just do me a favor and credit '' where it's due. I naturally welcome absolutely all critique and improvements!

NordVPN ( is an excellent provider that has thousands of OpenVPN endpoints – this multithreaded program downloads all of them and finds the endpoint nearest you.

Part of the Brutus Project, this article goes over the main Linux server running Portsentry and Brutus.

Part of the Brutus Project, this article goes over Brutus client servers, so that you can run one main Brutus server and all the other servers in your network send it commands remotely.

A multithreaded Python program that will encrypt/decrypt all specified files recursively, very quickly.