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There’s one reason Facebook lost billions today: invading your privacy makes others money. Respecting people’s privacy impacts the bottom line.

I was listening to the CEO of Microsoft give his keynote speech at MS Ignite this week and he highlighted that Microsoft was a key player in passing the CLOUD act. The rest of his speech is a nightmare for you and me while it rains silver dollars on big business.

This extraordinary article at the CATO Institute bears mirroring. Have you seen the customer number on your drivers’ license? Since when are citizens “customers”? Answer – it’s been a while, it’s been right under our nose, and it’s much more widespread than we even dreamed.

The fourth amendment used to apply to hotel rooms, but there’s a rarely discussed detail – “unless they tell you otherwise”, even if it’s in tiny, tiny print on a website somewhere.

Used to be if law enforcement wanted to fingerprint you it took some effort – now they can do it with a smartphone. We’ve moved past national / citizen ID’s to biometrics on the street.