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In this series we’re going to go over COVID19, the novel (“new”) coronavirus (viral type) 19 (literally, this is c-virus #19).  There’s a fantastic amount of misinformation and misunderstanding surrounding what’s happening and frankly, this misinformation is intentional.

We first have to address politics which is unavoidable.  Some people don’t like to talk about it because it’s polarizing, but when Kellyanne Conway goes on Fox News and says “this is COVID-19, not COVID-1, folks” and she’s not yanked out of the public view for being an idiot, that means its on purpose.  Who put her there, who allows her back and why?  It’s because Fox News and their executives want viewers to be angry at Democrats – no more, no less – and has nothing to do with educating the public.  Some agree with Rosanne Barr who asserted the virus’ release was a plan to get rid of the Baby Boomers – there’s no end to the stupidity.

Our modern political theatre – and I do mean stage, lights and acting – would have you believe that US President Don Trump did not waste time and lives  telling the public that COVID-19 was a hoax staged by the Democrats, which like 2+2=4 is an established fact.  At the time of this writing over 40,000 people have died making September 11th, 2001 look only like day 1 of 365 this year.  The exponential increase of death over time, not to mention the economic and societal toll, makes this the most significant event in generations and those in power are back-peddling from their ignorant disregard.  Blame is being deposited on the head of the World Health Organization after Trump defunded the White House Pandemic Office in 2018, and even now Republicans cry that “now is not the time to politicize COVID-19 or place blame”.


hands in the cookie jar

This is like a six year old with a shattered cookie jar on the kitchen floor with crumbs all over his face saying “now is not the time to say who did what thing wrong, what’s important now is that nobody steps on any glass.”


Anybody who buys this line has been buffaloed by a child, and with the impeached Trump still president it’s a Lord of the Flies situation.  The adults in the house need to spank the child and send it to its room.  The siblings (voters and enabling Senators)  who gave that snotty kid a leg-up need to be sent to their rooms as well, and it’s perfectly righteous to hear the parents grumbling while they sweep up the kitchen.  Unfortunately, children in prison still get supper, though they won’t deserve it.

You are the adult in the room.  You are the voter, this is a government By The People and For The People, and it is up to you to send the self-absorbed disobedient children to their rooms.  You know people who have voted for Trump and the Republicans now in power, it is your responsibility to educate them or hold them accountable.

Knowledge is power, as it’s always been.  Those in power want you to go to them for knowledge and give them power but in truly balanced governments the truth is public.  Trump doesn’t want US citizens to turn to the World Health Organization, he wants them to turn to him personally.  At the very least he wants the public to turn to his CDC but then limits what they tell people to ensure they fall into the party line.  How many websites claim to have the truth?  This is because they want readers and the revenue the provide.

I’m not peddling truth, I’m providing information – it’s always been up to you to identify the truth based on the information you receive.

What follows in this article segment is hard data on the COVID-19 virus to give you a view into what humanity is now dealing with, information about mainstream news relative to what’s actually happening and a tutorial on the proper use of protective equipment such as masks and gloves.  Lastly, we’ll go over what life could be like in the years to come.

Here I’m also going to say that I’m not a doctor nor an expert on the subject – I’m not going to cite my experience or provide a resume as to why what I’m telling you is authoritative, because people who have cited these things can still be wrong.  My authority, experience and level of education has nothing to do with correctness – that’s up to you to research and affirm.  What I’m presenting here is what I’ve learned, and after you read it then it becomes your turn to research whether it’s right.


There’s no such thing as “fake news”: All news is fake news – it’s always been up to you to read something and make your own decisions.  I’m not the authority when it comes to information: you are.



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