How frequently are the honesty and integrity of a man disposed of by a smile or a shrug. How many good and generous actions have been sunk into oblivion by a distrustful look, or stamped with the imputation of bad motives, by a mysterious and seasonable whisper!”
First, I suppose I have to say “Nothing you read on this website constitutes medical advice”, which is a lot like “WARNING: ice may be slippery” but apparently I have to say it.
Second, understand that no matter what you’re doing, you’re delaying the inevitable.  You are going to get a variant of this virus.  Have you ever had the common cold or influenza, that nasty achy/painy sick where you can barely move but got better in a couple days?  People contagious with COVID-19 shed 1,000 times more virus in their breath than either cold or flu.  To ballpark the probability of when you’ll get it without protective measures, think of the last time you got the flu and cut that time in half.
Proper use of protective gear delays this, that’s all.
NY Morgue -

If you can make it three years before you get sick, there will almost certainly be a hospital bed with your name on it and you’ll probably make it through no matter what strain you get.  By contrast, If you lived in New York early in the pandemic and got sick, you were in serious trouble.

As mentioned in the previous article, many blow off the severity of the virus, but eyewitnesses clearly show the number of dead in New York do NOT line up with “flu season”.  You have to be willfully ignorant to buy that.

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This video is copyright Mythbusters and is NOT my original material. It is a mirror from what was publicly posted on YouTube.

The Mythbusters “Contamination” video mirrored above serves as a phenomenal point of reference.  After watching the video above, ask yourself:
  • Would wearing gloves but never taking them off have helped?
  • If the virus was transmissable not just by touch but also by air, would I have rather stayed at home instead of going to this dinner party?
  • Am I willing to withstand the social pressure of being the only person at the table wearing a mask and gloves?
The upshot is this: Kari Byron is a germaphobe and as a result, changed the way she lives.  Rather than making a big stink over gloves, mask and paranoia, she took subtle measures that nobody even noticed and still remained the cleanest person at the table.  You can do this too.
Wearing Gloves
  • As you saw above, if you wear gloves while shaking hands (or fetching groceries from the store shelves…) and then reach for your cell phone, then drive home without ever taking them off, there’s no point to wearing them at all.
  • Therefore, nitrile or latex gloves are DISPOSABLE – expect to blow through them.  You might use four pair at a single grocery store outing.
  • You can keep a gloved hand and a non-gloved hand.  The gloved hand is DIRTY, your non-gloved hand is IN YOUR POCKET.  When you need to reach for your smartphone or your wallet, use your non-gloved hand.  Yes, this may mean you change where you put your phone and wallet / change which pockets you use every day for the foreseeable future.
  • Essentially, you wear gloves in places you can’t wash your hands easily.  When you would otherwise need to wash your hands, you take off / replace a glove.
  • Working gloves aren’t the same thing – if you’re wearing cotton mittens/winter gloves, the virus can reach your skin.  If you wear leather gloves that’s great, but washing those in soap and water can destroy the leather.  Nitrile or latex is best.
  • People will give you grief for wearing gloves in public, it just happens.  Your desire to not get sick today has to be greater than their disbelief in how viruses work.

Don’t be an idiot, masks are not jock straps for a wagging chin. If you don’t wear the mask over holes you breathe through it doesn’t do anything for anybody.

Don’t dangle it off your ear when talking to people either, put the thing on or take it off.  All this behavior conveys is that you have the common sense of a flat-earther.

Wearing Masks

  • According to the whitepaper (Virological Assessment of Hospitalized Cases of Coronavirus Disease 2019 – hyperlink below), there is far less viral shed on skin and fomites than there is in one’s breath, sneeze or cough.  When it comes to COVID-19, masks are more important than gloves.
  • Is wearing a homemade mask / cotton scarf / 3D printed mask going to help?  You’re dealing with probabilities, so anything is better than nothing.  People play Powerball Lotto on less chances than the +1% that wearing a woolen winter scarf over your mouth will help so yeah, you may as well if you have nothing better.
  • Using an N95 mask incorrectly is less effective than using a wool scarf correctly.
  • Masks that you put on are not to be touched again – even with gloves – until it’s time to throw it away.  Dangling it from your ear before putting it back on later or taking it off when you get to your car, putting it back on when you’re at the post office and putting it back in your pocket is foolish: its job is to trap virii before it gets in your mouth, so don’t put what’s trapped there on your hands and in your pocket!
  • Like gloves, masks are disposable. Expect to go through a couple on your trip to the store.  If you choose to wear a scarf, 3D printed mask or home-made sewn mask, when it comes off your face it goes into a “quarantine bag” until it’s dumped in the washing machine with soap or otherwise cleaned and prepared for re-use.
  • People will give you grief for wearing masks in public, it just happens.  Your desire to not get sick and not get others sick has to be greater than their disbelief in biology.

Wearing Nothing Special / Normal Wear

  • As demonstrated by Kari Byron and fully endorsed by the WHO and CDC since day 1, washing your hands and not touching your face are the number one way to stay healthy no matter what you’re wearing.
  • Don’t over-use hand sanitizer – wash your hands.  It’s not the same thing.
  • Don’t panic buy toilet paper or hair coloring – buy soap.  This is what you need in quantity.  Look at the grocery stores and see the empty TP shelves and the fully stocked soap shelves – what does this tell you that people do when wiping their waste?  Don’t be one of those people.  Be clean.
  • Be aware of where people are around you, and then maintain optimal distance from them at all times.  Don’t be obvious and skittish about it, just keep a “respectful distance”.

Maintain 6′ distance.  COVID-19 is transmissable by air.  If you want to get sick, wear gloves but stay in someone’s “bad breath zone” during a republican “Free the State” shelter-in-place  protest.

Regarding that, by the way :

If you follow the above guidelines, it’s less likely that you’ll find yourself infected with a common cold, flu and yes, even COVID-19 .  As demonstrated by Kari Byron, it’s just a matter of healthier living, and it’s the new normal.


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