Medical Cannabis – Seed to Temple Ball

I hate weed – it stinks like a skunk’s butt and was only ever relegated to stoners anyway. I tried it when I was a teenager, never did anything for me but make me munchy.

As I got older though and my spinal, nerve and muscular issues got worse, I was reaching for new medication, anything that would work since codeine and hard muscle relaxants weren’t cutting it anymore. I tried CBD to find that it did reduce the intervertebral swelling without giving me Advil/Aspirin ulcers, and since THC was now in oil-based isolate I could try different kinds and amounts without stoning myself into oblivion… I’ll be damned if I didn’t discover that marijuana isn’t the miracle drug people have been talking about for generations - 15mg of an heirloom Indica is more effective than 60mg of codeine taken with 10mg flexoril!

This article series is about what my research has provided, how to grow a seed into a medicinal-grade temple ball, and how you too can regain agency over your own pain.

Series under active development, 9/1/23.

Obligatory disclaimer because people are thick: obviously I’m not a doctor and I’m certainly not YOUR doctor. Everything herein is from my personal perspective and does not constitute medical, legal or even buddy-to-buddy advice because I don’t know you. I’m blogging, you’re reading, make your own decisions.

Growing and making your own medicine allows you to find exactly what you need for your condition, and it all starts with the seed.