“Where do I even start?!” – finding a provider


There are many resources now for freelance systems administrators, website designers and IT consultants, such as:

  • upwork.com
  • freelancermap.com
  • freelancer.com
  • peopleperhour.com 

                        I recommend against CraigsList, this is an outmoded idea and you have no means of remediation if something goes awry.  Using the sites above, you pay the website who then pays the tech – if there’s a real dispute they’ll mediate and you can leave feedback to warn off other people if needed.

Technology is like Alice down the rabbit hole – no one person can know everything anymore.  As a result, if you need website work you need a website designer.  Your website needs to be hosted somewhere – you might need a systems administrator.  If you have concerns about privacy and security, you need someone focused on security, but if you need help with your Windows laptop, look for someone who can help at an hourly rate.

If you still don’t know who or what you’re looking for, then go to the sites above and search for “computer help”, find someone cheap and nice and spend 30-60 minutes with them over the phone – they’ll tell you who else to contact and where to start.

Use the above sites to find a few people you’d like to talk to.  They should have a good hourly rate, a photo, positive feedback from past jobs, reply back to your inquiry quickly and speak to you with respect and patience.  When you reach out to them they might tell you that they’re not what you need, but then they’re certain to point you in the right direction.

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