Speak truth. In a room so loud your ears are ringing, that's what would keep you leaning forward and straining to hear a whispered word.”
~Inspired by Cody

TED – The Moral Roots of Liberals and Conservatives

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This TED talk by Jonathan Haidt puts a pin in why the Trumpian government is so dangerous: there’s no “punishment” – or meaningful reprisal – when  our government is mercilessly self-serving at the highest level, and this behavior can only be to the detriment of everyone governed.  I believe it is the inflicted mechanisms of this downfall we are resisting since it is no longer practically possible for citizens to affect our governors directly.

The presentation is not technical but applies to why : Why are we in the political situation we’re in?  How did we get here and what are the reasons who voted for what candidate?   It also presents the value of respecting both sides and the fact that, effectively, it’s always been this way and it’s always been valuable.

It’s worth watching.

Side note : Republicans sometimes describe themselves as “fully redpilled”.  In the movie The Matrix those who took the blue pill “wake up in their own bed and believe.. whatever they want to believe”, implying that Democrats are willfully ignorant. This presentation addresses that  dismissive, destructive self righteousness.


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