The problem with the US elections process being secure… is that it’s secure.  It’s not a problem for citizens but it is an enormous problem for those in power who want to stay in power.   I don’t believe it’s a problem with technical know-how, I think it’s a deliberate “problem” placed alongside the electronic voting machines that in fact, many states didn’t even want.  This paper excellently and authoritatively points out:

  • Russians have said themselves that their interference in our presidential election was successful.
  • The probability of their interfering again during the November election is 100%
  • Over half of the Republican and Democratic campaign operatives at state and congressional levels are not only not well prepared, but not interested in spending a penny on it.
These findings line up with those from last year’s DefCON Election Village, which highlighted the lack of interest in election security from our elected officials.  Not our citizens, who are up in arms – just the people we’ve elected to protect our best interests.

This isn’t a problem our elected officials want to fix, but a problem we as citizens have to get involved in and outspoken about in order to facilitate resolution ourselves.  Our efforts will force those in power out of power for honestly elected representatives, and “for some reason” they’re making that hard.

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